Melbourne Artists Management


Takashi Yusa began his career in his home country of Japan, then relocated to New York, where he became the first assistant and protégé of Didier Malige with whom he worked for five years. In this capacity he had the opportunity to work for various fashion houses, including Saint Laurent Paris, Louis Vuitton, Nars, Net-A-Porter and VOGUE.

Takashi moved on a year ago to pursue his own career. His editorial clients currently include, Vogue, W, Interview, Dazed, i-D and Hero Magazines, as well as numerous photographers including, Victor Demarchelier, Francesco Carrozzini, Matthew Kristall, Charlotte Wales, Thomas Lohr, Sharif Hamza, Hans Neumann, Jeff Henrikson, Sam Nixon, Robert Massman, Benedict Brink and the director Sophie Gateau.

He has also been collaborating with stylists,Christiane Arp,  Clare Byrne, Alex Harrington, Jessica dos Remedies, Stella Greenspan,  Julia Gall, Stevie Dance, Vittoria Cerciello, Eugene Tong, Alison Marie Isbell and John Colver to name a few.

Takashi is New York based and now represented by MAM.